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Residency Verification for New and Existing Students


On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, the CCSD Board of Trustees approved to waive the required residency verification protocol as established by Policy IHBHB for returning magnet students for the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19. Please review the bulleted updates and reminders related to this board decision and other residency verification requirements.

  • UPDATE - Residency Verification is not required in the 2020-2021 school year for Returning Magnet Students who reside in Charleston County. This was approved as a one-year waiver. This residency waiver for returning students does not exclude charging students out-of-county tuition in accordance with Policy JFAB Admission of Nonresident Students. ○ Immediate Action Required-Magnet Schools are expected to notify their returning students/parents of this one-year residency verification waiver and that returning non-resident students will continue to pay out-of-county tuition.


  • UPDATE - Residency Verification is required for all students newly accepted to attend a CCSD magnet school. Action Required-Magnet Schools are asked to enter the date that residency is verified for a new magnet student in PowerSchool. This allows a quick query for students who have not verified residency. Detailed instructions for completing this process will be provided by the Office of Student Information (OSI).


  • UPDATE - To allow compliance with CDC recommendations related to COVID-19, the Board approved to extend the deadline to complete all new student residency verification to August 1, 2020*
    • As in past years, each magnet school is expected to send their new parents the initial notification information about the established residency verification deadline; however, to ensure timely release of this information to newly accepted students, the School Choice office will email general information about the August 1, 2020, residency verification deadline through the School Choice application portal. Action -Because of continued seat release to waitlisted students, schools may also send a notification. A template will be provided from the OSI.
    • All additional required written verification notifications (up to three) to parents will continue to be the responsibility of the individual Magnet Schools.


**NEW students click here for registration and affidavit form.**