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Quick Facts Regarding Proposed Changes for 2020-2021

To All Buist Academy Parents:

In an effort to provide the most current information related to Buist Academy and the changes that are proposed for the next school year, the following list of “fast facts” is being shared as an update and progress report on actions underway:

  • Outreach efforts are underway to inform potential families of the opportunities to enroll at Buist Academy in grades 3-6. Students showing potential for qualifying as a candidate based on testing data and who are also zoned for a school with a poverty index of 80% or higher have been invited to learn more about Buist Academy.
    • January 30th @ North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary at 6pm
    • February 4th @ Burke High School at 6pm
    • February 6th @ Buist Academy at 6pm
  • As a part of the phase-out of K-2 at Buist Academy, no additional students will be added in the current grandfathered grades 1 and 2, including expansion seats and vacancies. Seats will be available beginning in grade 3. Families will have the opportunity to apply to Buist during the School Choice window of January 28-February 28, 2020.
  • A small group will work to assist with the Buist Academy transition and expansion process. This group will consist of Buist Academy School Improvement Council members and CCSD District personnel. 
  • Buist Academy will continue to sustain its rigorous IB curriculum and high quality advanced academic standards. 
  • The criteria for 2021-22 third grade entrance into Buist Academy will be provided to the Board of Trustees for consideration by July 2020.


If you have questions, you may call Michelle Simmons, CCSD Elementary Executive Director, at 843-937-7909 or email