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"Faces Of Innocence" Art Exhibit in our Hallways!

Angel Oak Elementary has partnered with the Besharat Arts Foundation Museum/Gallery to display “The Faces of Innocence” exhibit featuring the photography of Steve McCurry. 
These beautiful images of children around the world will be explored by our students using Harvard Project Zero’s Artful Thinking strategies to promote higher order thinking, global and cultural awareness & empathy/compassion. As an arts-integrated School, Angel Oak Elementary is excited to share these images in a hallway gallery display. 
“The exhibit is a powerful reminder each day that there is so much to discover about our world. Our students are connecting with the images academically, socially and emotionally. They are describing, analyzing, interpreting, evaluating, writing about the images, exploring the countries the images are from and are having rich conversations about each one. They relate so well to the images because they, too, are children. It is really amazing to watch the learning process. Our hallways are now centers of learning”. -Judith Condon, Principal
The images will change as new work is curated. The Besharat Foundation is committed to sharing art with schools to reach and teach children. 
Here is more about the foundation and gallery: