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Kiawah Island Club Sponsors Outdoor Enhancement Project!

The Kiawah Island Club spent a week at Angel Oak elementary School completing an Outdoor Enhancement Project! They created an outdoor classroom space, built a greenhouse, created aninteractive music wall, built picnic tables and benches, replenished the gardens and revitalized the covered play area!

Kiawah in the Community, a program designed to engage their employees in volunteer opportunities in an effort to serve the greater Sea Islands community. This company-wide volunteer program launched November 9th , with each Kiawah in the Community team working on individual volunteer efforts around Johns Island.

This project was initiated to meet an identified need to provide more outdoor spaces for the students to learn and recreate. As the region’s population has expanded, Angel Oak Elementary School has experienced increased enrollment which has created the necessity for additional space for students and teachers, an issue that has been exacerbated by COVID. Kiawah Island Club & Real Estate is honored to be partnering with the School to upgrade an area to support their goals of cultivating creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Over the course of three days, Kiawah Island Club & Real Estate volunteers will construct:
● Outdoor Classroom: Including an outdoor chalkboard/whiteboard and 25-30 tree stumps for students to sit on. Third grade classes will have the opportunity to spread out and have a change
of scenery.
● Third Grade Play Area: Including soccer nets and a music wall – a five-foot wall with old pots,pans and PVC pipping for students to make noise.
● General Play Area: Freshening up their current murals and painting their school mascot and afew “dance dots”. In the area next to the basketball hoop, they will build two benches and two bird feeders.
● Greenhouse: Kiawah Island Club has purchased a new greenhouse and will put it together along
with a few potting benches in addition to planting some vegetables.
● Planter Boxes: Remove all dead plants, put an irrigation system in, and replant low maintenance plants.
● Kindness Rocks: Place painted rocks with kind words and messages around the outdoor areas.

“We were honored to work hand-in-hand with Angel Oak Elementary School to bring this project to fruition. With our Kiawah in the Community initiative, we hope to identify the needs of our neighboring communities and work to fulfill them,” said Scott Dawson, General Manager, Kiawah Island Club.



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