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Charleston County School District and City of North Charleston Announce Joint Commission Members Committed to Enhancing Educational Outcomes

RELEASE DATE: February 13, 2024

The Charleston County School District (CCSD) and the City of North Charleston are proud to announce that the Joint Commission, dedicated to bolstering educational outcomes and support for North Charleston students and their families, convened for the first time last week. Mayor Reggie Burgess and Superintendent Anita Huggins announced their intent to form the Commission in December in an effort to improve student outcomes and create an ecosystem of support for families. 

Led by County Councilman Henry Darby, the Joint Commission is poised to inform decisions and make recommendations that will transform the intersectionality of the City and school district. Comprised of a diverse group of dedicated professionals, the Task Force aims to address key challenges and enhance the overall educational experience within the community. The following individuals have been appointed to the Joint Commission: 

Melissa Brubaker, Principal, North Charleston Elementary High School 

Reggie Burgess, Mayor, City of North Charleston 

Henry E. Darby, Principal, North Charleston High School 

A. J. Davis, Community Leader 

Robert Fludd, Programs Director, City of North Charleston Recreations 

Stephen Larson, Executive Principal, Stall High School 

Sherrika Myers, Executive Director, Every 1 Voice Matters 

Claudia Newbern, Assistant Principal, CCSD Newcomer Center 

Cindy Plutro, Independent Social Worker 

Rev. Thomas Ravenell, Chairman, Combined Intervention 

Elvin Speights, Community Advocate 

Trevor Strawderman, Executive Director, North Charleston High 

Charles Tyler, President, Tri-County National Action Network (NAN)

This esteemed group brings together a wealth of experience and expertise in education, community leadership, and program administration. 

The Joint Task Force is committed to transparency and community engagement throughout its endeavors. Updates on progress and initiatives will be shared with the public regularly. 

For more information, contact the CCSD Office of Communications at (843) 937-6303 or Ryan Johnson, Mayor’s Office (843) 740-2520.