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CCSD teacher recognized for personal finance education

RELEASE DATE: October 5, 2023

Bill JoyCharleston County School District (CCSD) educator, Bill Joy was recognized among 15 Distinguished Educators in South Carolina by the national nonprofit Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF). These teachers each earned their awards for their outstanding commitment to professional development in real-world personal finance topics like managing credit, investing, and budgeting.

Joy, the Instructor of Computing and Personal Finance at Lucy Beckham High School, has earned six of NGPF's available certifications, which include Behavioral Finance, Career, Credit, Investing, Advanced Investing, and Psychology of Money.

Each certification required Joy to complete 10 hours of live, collaborative coursework on a key personal finance topic and pass a one-hour certification exam.

“It's great to be recognized for my commitment to teaching Personal Finance to teens,” said Joy. “It's been a real thrill to be able to preach about the mistakes I made and more importantly, how to avoid them. NGPF is a first class operation where all Personal Finance teachers have the very opportunity I have been afforded. Many people do not know that their curriculum is completely free so teachers do not have to scramble for department money or grants. I'm honored to be associated with them.” 

According to Rich Gordon, CCSD’s Career and Technology Education Executive Director, Joy has been a leader in Personal Finance education, both at the local and state levels.

“He created an entire online learning management architecture for all other Personal Finance teachers to utilize,” said Gordon. “Furthermore, he routinely goes above and beyond his normal teaching duties in order to help his students and fellow teachers receive the instructional support and guidance that they need. If I have any questions or concerns regarding Personal Finance, he is the first I call.”

Course facilitator Christian Sherrill worked with Joy as he earned his certifications.

"What my colleagues and I will all tell you is that we expect a lot from the teachers in our courses and that it is great to see teachers step up to those high expectations,” said Sherrill. “Bill teaches personal finance - one of the most important skill sets for students and adults alike - so we could not be proud to recognize him for his efforts in the classroom and in our courses as lifelong a learner. His dedication will pay dividends for many future generations of Charleston County’s students."

For more information, contact Principal Anna Dassing at (843) 953-2900.