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Brunilda Mejias is the bridge of connection at Lambs Elementary School

RELEASE DATE: October 2, 2023

Mejias - LambsWhen Brunilda Mejias came to the United States from Venezuela five years ago she was aware of the possible difficulties she might face trying to gain employment. Fortunately, she teamed up with a friend and started a small cleaning business that grew to be quite successful.

As Mejias acclimated to the American culture, she slowly began learning the English language and adjusting to life here. Mejias often thought back fondly on her career back home as a former teacher. When a job opportunity arose with Charleston County School District (CCSD), Mejias was skeptical.

“I knew CCSD had many Hispanic and Latino children entering the system and I thought if I could make a contribution to those families, I would be honored to do so,” said Mejias. 

Mejias went through the lengthy application process and was thrilled when she was chosen to be the Senior Administrative Support Assistant to families and students at Lambs Elementary School.

She has been at Lambs for nine months now and has been able to assist hundreds of families and students as they navigated the school year and the recent registration process.

“I love this work,” said Mejias. “I love being here and I love Mrs. McCarthy (the school’s principal). I thank her for the opportunity to be here to support our families.”

Mejias’ duties include everything from welcoming and greeting families, vendors, partners and contractors every day to conducting administrative tasks.

“I enjoy making everyone feel welcome,” said Mejias. “I have also been able to learn more about the American culture which makes my work easier. I often have to explain the differences to our Hispanic families so they can better understand things.”

Additionally, Mejias plays a crucial role as a translator and an interpreter when necessary.

“Sometimes a new student has not quite learned English yet and they can’t express themselves or ask for what they need,” said Mejias. “I am able to help in that capacity as well.”

The Hispanic and Latino student population continues to grow at Lambs and there are many programs and events catered to those families. Mejias explained that all school-wide events are also inclusive to Hispanic and Latino families.

“When families first arrive at the school, they are understandably afraid or nervous,” said Mejias. “It is my goal to make sure they leave with a smile. That is what gives meaning to my work. I love to be able to help every day and I like to be there for them. My job is to be the bridge of connection between the Latin and American cultures.”

Mejias looks forward to a lengthy career a Lambs where she has become part of the family.

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