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Senior Spotlight

Throughout the first semester, seniors work on a project of their own choosing. These projects benefit Allegro and future students.  Projects reach their culmination in February and March. Check back often for more senior highlights!

Adding a Bike Rack: Lucaya Robertson

Lucaya contacted local businesses to help him with his goal of building and adding a bike rack on our new campus.  Carolina Fresh Farms donated the gravel for Lucaya's project.  Steve at Corbin's Hitch Shop, our neighbor in the community, has been teaching Lucaya to weld so that the bike rack he designed will come to fruition! The bike rack will be painted like a piano keyboard. Stay tuned for the finished product!


Fundraising for Instruments: Macie Long

Macie organized a fundraiser with a local business, the Rusty Bull, for the purpose of raising money to buy instruments.  Our students provided the live musical entertainment on the evening of January 23rd and Rusty Bull donated a portion of the proceeds to our school.  Thank you, Rusty Bull, for your support, and thank you to Macie for all of your hard work!