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Dress Code Update

Students will not be required to wear a school uniform for the 2021-2022 school year, however, they will be required to follow our "dress down", dress code policy which is outlined in our Parent Handbook and Student Code of Conduct and also listed below. 
Acceptable Clothing:
● Pants shall be worn at waist level and be without rips, tears, and holes above the knee.
● Undergarments shall not be exposed at any time.
● Clothing shall not reveal bare skin between upper chest and mid thigh.
● Shorts, skirts, and dresses shall extend past the student’s fingertips when the student’s arms are extended
by his/her legs. Outer garments that are worn over leggings must follow this same rule.
● No hats, hoods, or large headpieces are allowed. A minimal headband of one inch in width to control hair is allowed. Items approved by administration for religious or health reasons are allowed. No hoodies are permitted.
● Closed-toed shoes shall be worn at all times.
Prohibited clothing:
○ Leggings, yoga pants, or skin tight pants unless worn under an acceptable garment.
○ No pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses with holes, rips, or tears.
○ Clothing or other attire with words or images depicting or relating to tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.
○ Clothing or other attire displaying inflammatory, suggestive, racial, or other symbols of hate, or offensive content.
○ Clothing, jewelry, accessories, and/or manner of grooming which indicates or implies gang membership or affiliation.
○ Loungewear, pajamas, and bedroom slippers
○ Shirts, tops, or dresses that are backless, strapless, halter-style, cut-out, bare-shouldered, or spaghetti straps.
○ Extreme clothing or other attire that would interfere with the learning process, cause a disruption of the educational environment, or be a health or safety hazard.
○ Flip-flops, sandals, or high heels.
○ Sunglasses, headbands, bandanas, picks, or combs.
Students who are not dressed in accordance with the dress code will not be permitted into them milieu, but will be given a chance to call home for a change of clothes for the first violation. If the school has spare clothes, students will be allowed to wear those. Repeated dress code violations will result in the student being sent home, and entering the disciplinary process.