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Cool Science Resource

I thoroughly enjoy utilizing this resource with my middle school students. The USATestPrep platform is a highly intuitive and interactive platform that will surely get your students interested in science - and keep them interested throughout the year!  The platform has options like team-versus-team games, e.g. "Battle Royale" and "Think or Swim” - these are Jeopardy-style games that are aligned with the SC Department of Education Standards. Also, there are short “Bell-ringer” videos with several questions afterward which are handy within the first five minutes of class - this garners the students' attention and gets them motivated for the day’s lesson. Moreover, all teachers know that vocabulary terms are the metaphorical “keys’ that allow students to unlock the lesson of the day - this platform provides this as well. Finally, this platform is not a stand-alone resource for teachers however, it is a great resource to motivate students and allow the students to be more interactive with their science content. We as educators must adapt and also realize that to motivate and keep our students engaged, we must utilize resources that are just as interactive and technology-driven  as the world in which we all live.
Students can access this resource through Dr. Fontaine's Canvas page. 
Sincerely, Dr. Fontaine