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COVID-19 Operations Update

Due to COVID-19 spread in the community and resulting lack of staffing ability, Allegro Charter School of Music will keep operating in virtual instruction model through February 5th (start of 2nd semester). We will plan to return to our hybrid instruction model at that time (February 8th). No in-person learning will occur during this time. We sincerely appreciate the patience and flexibility that you have afforded us during the ever-changing updates, recommendations, and hurdles that we are experiencing with COVID-19.
We encourage students and parents to email teachers if you are struggling to access materials or lessons, and email with any device issues. Please remember that students must have cameras turned on and use real names to be admitted to class.
We will update our families in the coming weeks with any further changes to the learning environment. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any assistance you need or concerns you have.