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Virtual Learning & Operations Information

Dear Allegro Community:
We understand that there may be some confusion on how students will access their work and instruction while school is closed and we would like to clear up any questions that individuals may have.
Each day our teachers will be uploading video instruction (recorded, not live) and assignments in time for the students regularly scheduled class. Some teachers may even upload this content in advance. Teachers will use their preferred site to upload this information (website, google classroom), which students should already be familiar with. Teachers will be monitoring work completion and will reach out to students, parents, and administration if they see work not be completed. We will not require students to be "in" school for the full 8 hours per day. We just ask that students access the instruction daily and complete the assignments that are due that particular day.
There is no separate login for google classroom for parents. If you would like to check-in on your students progress, please have your student walk you through logging into the site with their credentials. Please contact us if they do not remember their password.
If students are having issues, please see below on who to contact:
  • Individual class assignments from a particular teacher --- please contact the teacher directly
  • Device issues, accessing WiFi, password issues, or any other technical issues -- please contact Mr. Baum at
  • If you need to pick-up work please email
Please note that the office and building will be closed to visitors. You must contact us via email at to setup a time if you need to to pick-up work, medications, or any other item from Allegro. That being said, music instruments will be available to be picked up from 10AM-12PM on Tuesday, March 17th.
Remember, this is a learning curve for all of us, but we are hopeful that our everyday use of technology in the classroom has set us up to move through this process as smoothly as possible.
CCSD has established the Family Support Line to provide a resource to families and students that need assistance in any area ranging from mental health to homework.  Please use the following link for more information:
Daniel Neikirk