Morningside Middle School

Where excellence is the standard!

  • Image of George White, Interim Principal
    George R. White, Interim Principal

Welcome Home!

  • Welcome to Mustang Country!

    Morningside Middle School is neighborhood school located in North Charleston.  We serve on average about 700 scholars from the surrounding communities.  We exist to Educate, Empower and Engage all scholars!  At Morningside Middle School, we are committed to serving our scholars with excellence and distinction.  We are guided by the mantra:  Higher, Deeper, Farther, and Faster!  This mantra therefore serves as the foundation for our beliefs.

    • We believe that our scholars will achieve at HIGHER levels than ever before with much collaboration and intentionality.
    • We believe that we must continue to build DEEPER relationships with each other and our community.
    • We believe that we must ensure that our influence extends FARTHER than the walls of Morningside Middle School.
    • We believe that, through dedication and commitment to a growth mindset, our transformation into a world-class institution of learning and beacon of hope will occur FASTER than anyone could ever imagine!

    We invite all stakeholders to work in tandem with us as we strive to provide a world-class educational experience for all of our scholars.  It is an exciting time to be a Morningside Mustang!!!