Montessori Community School

  • Image of Kim Hay, Principal.
    Kim Hay, Principal


  • Welcome to Montessori Community School!  MCS is a small magnet program located in the Springfield subdivision off of Highway 61. We serve students ages 3 - 13 years old in our Primary, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School classrooms (also known as "environments" in a Montessori school). Our teachers are both Montessori and state certified. We are dedicated to providing quality Montessori education and child development with the cooperative involvement of family, faculty and the community.

    Montessori is a unique approach to learning that provides an environment and materials purposefully designed to stimulate the child's interest and natural desire to learn. Multi-age classes, emphasis on materials rather than textbooks and cooperative rather than competitive work are all features that differentiate MCS from most traditional schools.

    Our program has met with a great deal of success, both in parent and student satisfaction and in our state assessment test (PASS). Each year, many more students apply than we are able to accept.