Julian Mitchell Elementary School

Mitchell Sharks Will Move Mountains.


  • Image of Amber Sainz, Principal.
    Dr. Amber Sainz, EdD Principal

Welcome to Mitchell Math & Science

  • Welcome to Mitchell School of Math and Science. We are located at 2 Perry Street in beautiful historic Charleston SC. 

    Our school prides itself on offering our students and their families a nurturing environment which challenges all of our children to do their very best work and to learn and practice the importance of being a responsible and respectful person. We have  a beautiful and rich environments filled with Math and Science materials that provide a hands-on approach to learning as children work from the concrete to abstract in their thinking. Our teachers help students gain independence through making good choices while learning and working in multi-level classrooms.

    We have high expectations for our parents and hope they will become involved in our school family by volunteering in the classroom and throughout the school. This year we are winning on purpose. In addition to daytime opportunities to visit with us, our calendar is filled with a number of fun and relaxed evening social events that offer parents additional time for getting to know each other as well as have fun with our children.

    If you have questions about Mitchell School of Math and Science, please do not hesitate to call us at (843)724-7261. We will be happy to speak with you about a truly wonderful place for your family and children to be in school.


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