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  • Purpose

    The Office of Expanded Learning leads Charleston County School Districts' after-school efforts (Kaleidoscope). Kaleidoscope is a fee based program that operates using an income based sliding scale for tuition. The office also manages several 21st Century Afterschool Grants, summer programs as well as after-school enrichment classes such as chess, dance, art, coding, engineering, foreign language, music, and lacrosse.

    Our Mission 

    Provide high quality after-school care in a safe, challenging environment. Our programs provide age-appropriate activities which focus on the physical, social, emotional and educational needs of our students.

    How Are We Organized?

    Each after-school program has one dedicated Site Coordinator on staff to handle the day-to-day operations and management of the program. Each of our 45 Site Coordinators reports to one of the five Program Officers.  Our department currently has five Program Officers who oversee all programs. Each Program Officer is responsible for 8-13 after-school programs.  

    Contact Us

    If you have general questions, please contact Chelsea Niles at chelsea_niles@charleston.k12.sc.us or (843) 402-7817.

    If you have questions about ProCare, our online payment system, please contact Allison Eidson at allison_eidson@charleston.k12.sc.us or (843) 402-7806.

     Program Site Coordinators Contact Sheet and Central Office Staff (updated 3/1/2024)

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