Early College High School

Image of Vanessa Denney, Principal.
Vanessa Denney, Principal


  • Early College High School (ECHS), located on the Palmer Campus of Trident Technical College is a small, personalized learning program for students enrolled in Charleston County School District (CCSD). ECHS is a partnership between Charleston County School District and Trident Technical College (TTC). Early College High School serves students who have the academic potential, desire, and determination to be successful in high school and beyond. 

    ECHS is designed to allow students the opportunity to complete up to two years of college credit while earning a high school diploma as part of a coherent educational program that serves the developmental and intellectual needs of young people. As part of a research-based model, students participate in a summer bridge program after eighth grade and spend ninth grade focusing on high school courses while mastering the life and organizational skills required for success in college. When they demonstrate that they are ready, students will begin to take college classes, dual credit courses, and work at internships and apprenticeships. 

    All applicants must be a rising ninth-grade student and have the following minimum winter MAP scores:
    Math RIT 225  
    LEXILE 900

    Students who have been identified as Gifted and Talented are not eligible to apply.