• ARCAE Morning Car Line

    • Before 8:00 AM, the first 14 cars line up, beginning at #2 (see diagram below).
    • All other cars make a line beginning at #5. At 8:00 AM, school personnel begin opening car doors and directing cars to either the path that goes in front of the school or through the bus loop. (Cars will only be directed to the bus loop if a bus is not currently loading).
    • Please adhere to the directions of the school personnel who are directing traffic. If your child has difficulty unbuckling or you need to enter the building, please pull into the parking lot, watch traffic, and please cross at the crosswalk. We encourage all cars to utilize the car line.

    ARCAE Afternoon Car Line

    • Before 3:00, all cars line up beginning at #1. Cars must pull to the side of the road.
    • Cars with Special Needs tags (RED) and buses are permitted to go through to the school.
    • At 3:00, school personnel will come outside and direct the first 14 cars to pull through to #2.
    • The next cars will be directed around the retention pond to #4.
    • Cars need to pull as close as they can to the car in front of them to maximize space.
    • Once the loop is full, cars will be directed to #6.
    • Cars will fill the bus loop and continue the line onto Wallace School Road.
    • At 3:30, school personnel will call students names to begin the car line at #2.
    • The line at #4 will follow to #2 as space allows.
    • When the buses are loaded, traffic will stop and they will be dismissed off campus.
    • The line at #6 will move up to #7 and wait for their turn to join the line.
    • All students will be called and everyone will be able to begin their afternoon!! The key is for all cars to stay in order, pay attention to directions coming from school personnel, and to keep a close distance from the car in front of them while they wait for the process to begin.
    • On imperfect days, please be patient.


    Diagram of Car Line

    Diagram of Car Line


    Car Line Rules Video

    Click here to watch a YouTube video explaining our car line rules!