• SIC  


    The purpose of the Minnie Hughes Elementary School Improvement Council is to involve staff, students, parents, and community members in school-based, shared decision-making. Members work to monitor progress on the goals and objectives of the School Improvement Plan. When parents, students, teachers, and community members unite to provide quality education for our students, a true spirit of collaboration, trust, and shared decision-making provide us with the best ingredients for success.  This shows that we are ALLIN for our Mini-Cats.


    School Improvement Council Members


    Ashland Temoney, Principal

    Marsha Aleem, SIC Chairperson

    Helen Washington, Community Member

    Ricky Nesbit, Community Member

    Clanice Barron, Teacher

    Sharon Gadsden, Instructional Coach

    Amey Wrenn, Teacher

    Robert Bowens, Parent

    Tierra Grant, Parent

    Deitra Gibbs, Guidance Counselor

    Willie Brooks, Parent Advocate