• Minnie Hughes Elementary

     At Minnie Hughes Elementary School we are committed to creating a school culture of teamwork and collaboration that will ensure all of our students have the World Class Skills and the Life and Career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. 76.29% of our students surveyed agreed that they are clearly committed to their education and rise above others and see the value of what they are learning and how it will affect their future.

     Minnie Hughes will continue to provide Talent Development and Personalized Learning opportunities for our students that provide hands-on learning opportunities, exploration, inquiry and lif, and career characteristics. 90.72% of our students on the South Carolina Elementary School Student Engagement Survey of Accountability believe that they are emotionally committed to learning in their school environment. With those beliefs, our educators, students, and parents will work collaboratively in setting the tone for student-driven goals that provide academic rigor.

     Minnie Hughes educators are focused and committed to a vision of excellence for our students. We are a committed team of educators that work together to enhance our school's culture and the academic rigor for our students. Minnie Hughes is strategically using innovative programs like R.I.S.E and our 21st Century afterschool program has been designed to support the student academic achievement.

     Our school community values the commitment at Minnie Hughes and knows that, together, we can lead our students into a brighter future.  


    Minnie Hughes Vision for Advancement:

     Minnie Hughes will be a school that is committed to educating all students and where 21st-century learning, collaboration, and high academic standards for all students is reached. The commitment will be seen in the educators, students, parents, and community who advocates supporting the visionary outcomes of the school. This commitment will empower our students to become contributing and productive citizens for the future of the community and their own well-being.


    Ms. Bridget Berry, Principal

    Mrs. Jacquelyn Smith, School Improvement Council Chairperson