• CE Williams MS



    We as school counselors at C.E. Williams Middle School for Creative and Scientific Arts advocate and support every student by focusing on the exploration of each student’s unique potential, fostering respect for self and others, and establishing a foundation for all students to become lifelong learners and global citizens.



    We as school counselors at C.E. Williams Middle School for Creative and Scientific Arts will provide a safe and welcoming environment that supports students’ academic, social, personal, and future growth and development with empathy and unconditional positive regard. By providing a comprehensive school counseling program, the diversity and individuality of all students will be respected and encouraged.



    CE Williams Middle School for Creative and Scientific Arts counselors believe:

    • The counseling program is a key part of the education of all students at C.E. Williams, aiding in students’ ability and potential to succeed in their academic, career, and personal lives.
    • School Counselors are leaders at C.E. Williams, advocating for awareness and responsiveness to the needs of every student.
    • School Counselors maintain a non-judgemental attitude and treat all students at C.E. Williams with unconditional positive regard.
    • School Counselors utilize preventive and remedial support programs to promote the academic and personal growth of all students at C.E. Williams.
    • School Counselors show accountability for their work using evidence-based practices when providing services for students.
    • School Counselors analyze data and translated it into program goals in order to promote student growth.
    • School Counselors collaborate effectively with parents, teachers, administration, and other support services to promote growth and learning in all students.
    • When providing services to students, school counselors adhere to best practices aligned with the standards provided by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA).