• Student Quick Guide 

    College Application Materials 

    You can use Family Connection to prepare for success after high school. Use this quick guide to get started with the College Application Process in Family Connection. To access Family Connection: 

    Website: https://connection.naviance.com/burkemhs Username:  First three letters of your last name, followed by the first three letters of your first name, followed by the last 4 digits of your student ID number. (i.e. SmiTom3211)

    Password: Student ID Number

    To access the College Planning tools in Family Connection, log in and click the Colleges tab.

    Requesting Transcripts

     You can request college application materials using Family Connection, including transcripts and teacher recommendations. 

    To request a transcript for a college: 

    1. Click the Colleges tab in Family Connection.
    2. Click the Colleges I’m Applying To link.
    3. Click the add to this list link.
    4. Select your decision type from the Type drop-down menu.
    5. Click the Lookup link next to the College field. 
    6. Search for the college.
    7. Click the college name.
    8. Repeat steps 6-9 for as many colleges as needed.
    9. Click the Request Transcripts button.
    10. A confirmation page appears and the college is added to your Colleges I’m Applying to List.

    Requesting transcripts Requesting transcripts

    Burke Middle High School

    Message: If you do not know your Student ID Number, please see Ms. Garris to receive that information.  Please note this is the ONLY process we will use to request transcripts.