• Larson

    Steve Larson, Principal


    I am the proud principal of St. John’s High School.  When I say “proud” I actually mean “really proud”. Having now graduated 3 groups of seniors, I have seen such tremendous growth in our school, both in our students, and in the way we function as a team.

    St. John’s has a growing student body, now going strong at just over 300 students.  Our students are smart, caring and focused on getting stronger every day. They are a competitive bunch, and have noticed that who they are each day, represents us a community.

    Our students are enrolled in advanced placement, honors courses, and dual credit courses.  They are one-two and three sport athletes. They are student council members. They work, volunteer and have internships with local businesses.

    It’s a great time to be an Islander.  #Anchordown

     I started my career working with children in a boy’s home.  I found my calling working with these youth and pursued a masters degree in special education.  I traveled the country to support special education programs in 10 different schools in 10 different states.  I decided to return home to Oregon to become a special education teacher at a middle school. While teaching, I obtained my credential to be a principal.  I quickly moved into an assistant principal position in an elementary school, then had the opportunity to lead my own elementary school for 5 years. From there, I moved into various central office positions including Director of Elementary Education, Director of Instruction, and an Assistant Superintendent.  After 8 years, I decided to return to schools, where my passion really lies. After a short stint as an elementary principal in Florida, I found my “forever home” at St. John’s High School.


    Diane Lillibridge, Assistant Principal

    Why am I an administrator?  It all boils down to my innermost calling of making the world a better place for our children one day at a time, TOGETHER.  In my abundant years of being an educator, there are what I call non-negotiables of creating an excellent school:

              • Putting students first in safety and well-being.
              • Being visible.
              • Engaging our community.
              • Listening and taking time for conversation.
              • Empowering others.
              • Making tough decisions.
              • Representing and advocating for our school in my actions, appearance, and words.
              • Focusing on optimal student learning in rigor, relevance, and relationships.
              • Being accountable to our students, school community, and district with the Law of Influence  

    40 years of being a teacher, principal, and educator is not something I stumbled across, like the answer to a riddle.  It is something I built out of my past, out of my affections and loyalties, out of experiences as they were passed on to me, out of my own talents and understandings, out of the things I believed in, and out of the values for which I was willing to sacrifice something!  It is and has been up to me, to put them together into a design of life, full of daily measures of giving, serving, and leading.  I am so blessed to be at SJHS where my cup overflows each day serving our Islanders, on beautiful John’s Island. 

    Education and experience:

    • Western Illinois University- BA
    • Miami University of Ohio- Masters of Education- Science + Masters of Education Leadership
    • Teacher of Math/Science and Exceptional Ed 20 years
    • Principal in San Diego County, California for 15 years
    • Administrator at Wando HS 4 years