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    Ashley Hall School

    From our founding more than 100 years ago, Ashley Hall has championed its original mission: To produce educated women who are independent, ethically responsible, and prepared to face the challenges of society with confidence. Today, this mission continues to guide our curricula and teaching philosophy, inspiring both the Ashley Hall faculty and students to engage in a vitally enriching educational community. 



    Charleston Promise Neighborhood

    Through collaboration and partnerships with local government, businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations, we have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty within the neighborhood.  We are a committed, diverse and growing team of experienced grassroots organizers, entrepreneurial leaders, community-based partners and skilled volunteers who are determined to reach one goal: Provide every child in our neighborhood with a clear path to college.



    Lowcountry Food Bank

    Our mission is to feed the poor and hungry of the ten coastal counties of South Carolina by soliciting and distributing healthy food and grocery products to nonprofit agencies serving the poor and to educate the public about the problems of and solutions to domestic hunger. The Lowcountry Food Bank was founded in 1983 as a clearinghouse for donated food items through the generosity of both Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina and Trident United Way. 




    Metanoia is about making a positive change in our lives and in our society. Metanoia properly understood is a push forward toward something better for us and for our world. It is a positive change that brings us closer to what God intends for his creation.