• Weighted Student Funding (WSF)

  • Why Weighted Student Funding?

  • Weighted Student Based Funding

    The Goal

    In short, by transitioning to a weighted student-based funding model, CCSD can:

    • Sustain Academic Gains 
    • Increase Support for All Students
    • Maintain Effective ESSER Programs
    • Increase School Autonomy

    WSF is a best practice allocation model used by school districts across the country to better support all students. Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District has been using this model for over a decade. 

    LINKS: Committee of the Whole, Superintendent's Report - March 11, 2024 


    SustainablilityThe Reasoning 

    1. If we believe getting all students to read on grade level by 5th is key to ensuring all students are Algebra 1 ready by middle school and college and career-ready by high school, a scaffolded approach of WSF ratios for elementary, middle and high schools is needed.
    2. If we believe responsible resource allocation means first fortifying schools, WSF ratios that allow decreases in school support are not acceptable.
    3. If we believe mitigating the impact of the ESSER cliff is essential for sustaining academic gains, WSF ratios that provide schools with the means for sustainability is non-negotiable.

    LINKS: Budget Workshop Presentation - March 11, 2024

  • Weighted Student Funding Process and Guardrails

  • Weighted Student FundingInvestment and Process  

    • Staff followed the Project Management Framework to implement Weighted Student Funding.
    • Internal guidance for academics, finance, and an overall project management plan is coming into focus.
    • Budget meetings with schools included a review of intended use of Weighted Student Funding dollars.


    LINKS: Board Workshop Presentation - April 15, 2024

  • Weighted Student Formula in the Budget

  • Weighted Student Funding

    The most notable expansion in the FY 2025 budget is the implementation of the Weighted Student Funding formula, which will be the first implementation of such a formula in South Carolina.  Funding totals $32.8 Million and is provided as an additional allocation above what schools usually receive, based on the number of pupils in poverty, multilingual learners, and students with disabilities.  This funding will fully offset the sunset of ESSER and is able to be implemented with the support of funding that was set aside in prior fiscal years to ease pressures on the General Operating Fund.


  • Weighted Student Formula Update - May 13, 2024

    • EdunomicsSuperintendent and staff met with Dr. Marguerite Roza, Director of Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University 
    • Edunomics focuses on education finance. 
    • 2-day in-person course followed by virtual training sessions with office hours for district support
    • Superintendent Huggins will lead a team to attend 2-day training in Washington, DC, in early fall to focus on CCSD’s implementation of WSF
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