• CCSD Progressive Discipline Plan

    The CCSD Progressive Discipline Plan (PDP) is a guide for all administrators to use when processing office discipline referrals. Administrators may elect to provide additional interventions or assign a lesser consequence based on extenuating circumstances. In addition, administrators may assign a more exclusionary practice with approval from a level leader. The PDP is used to ensure consistency and fairness when assigning interventions, support, and disciplinary consequences to students. The PDP was created with the assistance of elementary, middle and high school administrators, elementary, middle and high school teachers, district staff, Constituent Board Chairs, parents, and other community organizations. Meetings were held from February 2023-May 2023 to gather input and review data and feedback. To ensure all stakeholders' input was included, as applicable, a representative from the Department of School Support (DoSS) participated in various meetings throughout the district and local community. The final draft was submitted to the Charleston County Board of Trustees for review and feedback. The infraction title and codes listed in the PDP are assigned by the state. The majority of the behavior levels are directed by the state; however behaviors considered more egregious towards adults, may have been placed in a higher level (for example, profanity is a Level 1 offense based on the state's code, but profanity towards an adult is considered a Level 2 infraction for CCSD). Changes such as the example given, were approved by the planning committee and are outlined in the PDP with the proper interventions and consequences.

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