• Welcome To North Charleston High School Counseling Department

    Our school counseling department is committed to providing a nurturing environment that helps facilitate life-long learning through classroom guidance, group counseling, and individual counseling. We believe it is our duty to collaborate with community partners, parents, and faculty to provide an array of learning opportunities for every student. We have the unique opportunity to advocate for all students and encourage them to live up to their potential in a rapidly changing and complex world.


    We can be reached at (843) 746-6641 or by Fax at (843) 529-3912.


    Students are assigned to their School Counselors by Grade Level.


    Please see below for your School Counselor assignment and contact information.


    Krystal Campbell

    Krystal Campbell

    Director of School Counseling

    Grade 11 & 12




     Mosley               Tiffany Richardson

    Yancy Mosley                                                             Tiffany Richardson

    School Counselor                                                         School Counselor

    Garde 9                                                                         Grade 9R & 10

    843.746.6516                                                                843.746.6452    

    yancy_mosley@charleston.k12.sc.us                       tiffany_richardson@charleston.k12.sc.us




    Yeni Lanaris                                          Kathleen Luciano

    Yeni Lanaris                                                              Kathleen Luciano

    Guidance Secretary                                                    Student Data Clerk/Attendance

    843.746.6461                                                              843.746.6487

    yeni_linares@charleston.k12.sc.us                       kathleen_luciano@charleston.k12.sc.us




    Nates                                               Mental Health Counselor

    School Psychologist                                                         Mental Health Counselor

    Tammy Nates                                                                      Savonna Mazyck

    843.746.6505                                                                       843.746.6447