• Transportation

      • Which Bus do I Ride?

        1. Utilize the School Bus Lookup Tool which is designed for students, parents, and schools to locate their bus stops.  

          1. Please refresh your browser before viewing The Bus Stop Lookup Tool to ensure you are viewing the current stops.

          2. Select the Click for Help button on the top of the page for instructions to navigate the website.  “If you are using ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY and are having trouble navigating the bus stop lookup tool, please email William_scott.c@charleston.k12.sc.us for assistance.”

      • How to Request or Change a bus stop

        1. Bus Stop Request

        2. The address that you use to submit your request must be the same address in PowerSchool.  Unless the request is for a daycare center or after-school program.

        3. Stop requests received and approved between June 1 – August 4, 2023, will start on August 23, 2023.  For the first two weeks of school, our focus will be on resolving overcrowding issues.  Once this is completed, we will resume reviewing stop requests and provide new stop-start dates for the approved stops.  You will receive an email once a decision has been made on your request.

      • Important Bus Stop Reminders

        1. Bus Stop Guidelines

        2. Bus Stop Guidelines(en español)

        3. Parent/Guardian Bus Stop Responsibility

        4. Parent/Guardian Bus Stop Responsibility(en español)

        5. Bus stops and routes are subject to change, please review your stop times periodically. 

        6. Ensure you arrive at your bus stops 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.