• FAQ’s: CCSD Gifted and Talented Nomination Testing

    What is it?

    Every year, the CCSD Gifted and Talented Department offers testing for students in grades 3-11 who are nominated to be assessed for gifted identification.  This testing event is separate from the state-wide Grade 2 gifted identification testing that happens in October in which ALL second graders are administered aptitude & achievement tests to determine initial identifications. 


    What we refer to as “nomination testing” is aptitude testing that is given to students who have been nominated for possible academic gifted and talented identification. Aptitude is what is evaluated in Dimension A of the gifted identification process. Aptitude is different from achievement.

    Aptitude (Dimension A)

    Achievement (Dimension B)

    Indicates how well a child may reason through content/problems they have NOT been explicitly taught

    Indicates how well a child retains the content/curriculum they have ALREADY been taught


    Who is eligible?

    ANY CCSD parent, teacher, administrator, or student can nominate ANY CCSD student in grades 3-11 who has not been previously identified as gifted. 


    How do I know if a child should be nominated?

    We typically recommend nomination testing for students who are:  

    • considered partially identified and have met dimension B or C previously

    • showing signs of talent or growth or may be in need of additional academic challenge

    • new to CCSD from another district and: 

      • Have not had the opportunity for aptitude testing previously 

      • Parents are requesting evaluation for gifted program

      • Have strong fall MAP scores (especially those who have scores at or above 94%ile in reading or math indicating they have met Dimension B for gifted identification)


    How can a child be nominated?

    Parents, teachers, administrators, or students can use online or paper Nomination Forms



    What tests are used?

    CCSD uses the Cognitive Abilities Test for this purpose. 

    • All grades 3-11 will take the online COGAT test. 


    When does the testing occur?

    • Grades 6-11 (testing has been completed for the 2023 - 2024 school year)

    • Grades 3-5  (testing has been completed for the 2023 - 2024 school year)  


    Is there more information available?  Yes, additional information about nomination testing can be found on our website: Gifted and Talented Nomination and Identification


    Who can I contact with additional questions?  

    CCSD Gifted & Talented Office

    Elizabeth Uptegrove

    Assistant Academic Director/GT Coordinator


    Flashette Johnson

    Lead Teacher - Secondary Schools


    Jennifer McDuffie

    Lead Teacher - Instructional Technology