Language acquisition experts agree that the best methods for second language learning are those that supply ‘comprehensible input’ in low anxiety situations. By providing each student with intensive accessible instruction for extended periods of time in a classroom with their newcomer peers, we have the opportunity to accelerate language acquisition as well as acculturation.


      Our Newcomer Program offers 2 English credits, 2 Math credits and Multilingual Learner Program (MLP) classes crafted just for them.  This targeted instruction will accelerate their English language acquisition and provide them with a foundation for success in the traditional classroom. By serving the newcomer students in a centralized location, for a maximum of 3 blocks a day, we meet their needs in an environment that is focused explicitly on them. Students are also scheduled elective classes which they take inside the main building. Depending on the credits they bring from their countries, students might take up to 3 classes outside of the program. Parents have the option during the enrollment meeting to opt out of the program. 


      By serving the newcomer students in a centralized location, we meet their needs in an environment that is focused explicitly on them. When students are ready to transition into R.B. Stall High School, they are ready for traditional English language instruction.


      To successfully mainstream newly-arrived English Language Learners 


      ■ Creating a safe and nurturing environment where the instruction is

      focused explicitly on them

      ■ Immersing students in meaningful language experiences that utilize

      listening, speaking, reading, and writing

      ■ Provide multiple opportunities for students to use English successfully,

      allowing students to gain confidence as they transition from basic

      communication skills to academic language skills



      Our newcomer students will:


      ■ Recognize the value of their cultural and linguistic diversity, while

      appreciating the diversity of others

      ■ Develop their critical thinking skills, creativity, and self-worth

      ■ Be prepared to serve and participate in their communities as a literate 21st

      Century Citizens




          Our newcomer program is currently offered to:


          ■ Students in grades 9-12 at R.B. Stall High School for the 2023-2024 school year

          Criteria for Newcomer Program qualification can be met by any of the following:

          ■ A WIDA Screener score of less than 2.0

          ■ Students who are brand new to the USA

          ■ Students who have been in the USA less than 2 years and whose first language is not English

          Students who qualify for the Newcomer Program will receive the following support:

          ■ Orientation to school and society

          ■ Social-Emotional learning

          ■ Specialized curriculum

          ■ Access to a wide range of support services for students and families

          ■ Individualized academic attention

          ■ Multicultural education

          Exit Criteria and Duration of  Newcomer Program:  

          ■ Students attend the program until earning 2 Math credits and 3 English credits which can take up to 3 semesters