• Communication & Technology FAQs

    How-to Guides, Videos, & More

  • Academic Magnet High School Website

    The AMHS website is our primary form of communication with families.

    • AMHS’s website can be accessed here.
    • Our website calendar is regularly updated with all school events.

  • CCSD's Bus-Stop Lookup Tool

    How-to Video on CCSD's Bus-Stop Lookup Tool:


  • Clever, Digital Resources, & Destiny Discover

    Clever is the application (accessible via MyPortal) through which you can access all of CCSD’s digital resources. Included are our ebooks, audiobooks, databases, and more.

    • Should you have difficulty accessing Clever via MyPortal, please use these directions
    • For a full list of resources available through Clever, click here

    Destiny Discover is the integrated library system used by CCSD. Through our Destiny Discover Catalog, you can learn what books are available in the library and access research tools and other public libraries.

  • Gmail

    At AMHS, checking your email and communicating with your teachers and other students via email is crucial to your success as a raptor. 

    • CCSD uses Gmail as our email system
    • Teachers’ emails use the following convention:
      • FirstName_LastName@charleston.k12.sc.us
    • Students’ emails use the following convention: 
      • First three letters of last name + first three letters of first name + last four digits of your CCSD student ID + ccsdschools.com
        • Example: Remy Raptor Student ID: 12874364
        • email = raprem4364@ccsdschools.com.
    • If you need to change your password, please contact Dr. Russell or call the CCSD Tech Support line (843-308-8181)

  • MyPortal

    CCSD utilizes MyPortal as a “one-stop-shop” for students’ access to all technology resources. Raptors can utilize their email, Canvas, PowerSchool, Clever, and much more via MyPortal.

    • To access MyPortal from a desktop computer, follow this link
    • Students’ username is the same as the beginning of their email address.
      • first three letters of last name + first three letters of first name + last four digits of their student ID number
        • Example: Remy Raptor      Student ID: 12874364 
        • Username = raprem4364
    • Students set their own password to MyPortal
    • If you need help resetting your password, please contact CCSD Tech Support or Dr. Russell 

  • The Raptor Report

    The Raptor Report is published each week by the Magnet PTSO, AMHS Partners in Education (PIE).

    • Sign Up to receive the Raptor Report here.

  • Social Media

    AMHS has a strong social media presence. Here are our primary social media platforms:

  • The Talon

    The Talon is our award-winning student-run AMHS newspaper.