• Welcome to the MMA Media Center!    

    Mission & Instructional Goals


    • The Media Center is an integral part of the educational program at Military Magnet Academy and is designed to provide comprehensive support, instruction, and materials to all MMA students and faculty. Our mission is to make students independent and successful users of information. 
    • Students have access to over 5,600 resources at varied reading levels (including both books and periodicals). Classes receive appropriate instruction before and during library visits to assist with research and finding resources. The Media Center provides students and staff with an environment conducive to learning, provides appropriate and adequate information resources, and encourages everyone to be lifelong readers and learners. All students and staff are invited to use the Media Center for academic and instructional support, as well as for reading.

    Open Hours clock

    • The Media Center is open from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm on school days. Occasionally we will have to alter the regular Media Center schedule. Changes will always be posted on the front doors.