• Hello Class of 2022 (Students and Parents),

    We are thrilled to be joining you for the home stretch of your AMHS journey! We have received several questions over the last several weeks regarding senior "stuff," so we wanted to share some information as you start/continue/finish your college application process and senior year activities.

     Here are a few noteworthy items: 

    * Many of you have begun the college application process and have questions. Senior Night is scheduled for September 7 at 6:00 p.m (please see the attached invitation with the zoom link). Senior Night focuses on college application, scholarship, and financial aid processes.  We hope that during this session we will answer a lot of your questions surrounding applications, transcripts, etc. 


    IGP conferences will be held with students in-person and parents virtually simultaneously. IGP conferences will focus on individual needs and questions regarding college applications, scholarships, senior transcripts and test scores, and senior coursework. Links to secure your appointment time will be forthcoming soon from your counselor.


    * Students: Please check your CCSD email regularly as this is the primary means of communication from counselors. Communication between students and counselors typically occurs frequently during the senior year. Oftentimes, this communication is IMPORTANT: frequently regards scholarship opportunities and is time sensitive, so please check in regularly. Setting up alerts in the gmail app is helpful to avoid missing an opportunity or deadline.


    * If you haven’t already done so, please begin the ‘AMHS Senior Profile’ document in NavianceR (located in the ‘About Me’ tab). Please contemplate thoughtful responses as this information is utilized by counselors and teachers to prepare recommendation letters in the college admissions process. If there is something about you that would be relevant to the college admissions process, please include it in the profile. Please be aware: for many schools, the counselor recommendation and transcript are submitted simultaneously, so completion of the Senior Activities document is time sensitive and an important element in the admissions process.


    Making contact: Email is the fastest way to reach your counselor. Due to the nature of our role, we are frequently unavailable via phone; however, we (almost) always have access to our email.


    We look forward to working with all of you this school year! 

    Your School Counselors,

    Jennifer Chrysler: A-Hou

    Gabrielle Krupilis: Hs-So

    Monica Vallejo: Sp-Z