• ESSER FundsThe federally-funded ARP ESSER III program allocated $163 million to CCSD to assist with students’ recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, six areas were identified as priorities: activities to address low income students, learning loss among students, mental health services and supports, summer learning and afterschool programs, educational technology for students, and improved indoor air quality. Additionally, CCSD identified a visionary goal to ensure that the focus for ESSER III funds will be to reduce the number of students reading below grade level and the negative impact that the pandemic has had on these students. The visionary goal and supporting pillars for success are:

  • Vision: By the Spring of 2027, all students will read on grade level by fifth grade.

    In order to achieve this goal, there are three support pillars:

    1. Rigorous grade-level instruction in reading and associated content
    2. High-quality teachers and leaders to deliver instructional expertise in improving reading
    3. Wraparound services are needed to ensure students can succeed in the classroom

    All ESSER III plans or programs will be in support of the visionary goal and supporting pillars. The grade-level reading focus for the ESSER funds will have the greatest impact in schools largely made up of disadvantaged and minority students, with a disproportionate number of them reading below grade level.

  • ESSER III Amended Spending Plan (Draft)

    Charleston County School District's ESSER III Spending Plan was originally presented in August 2021 and was summarized in a presentation format as ESSER III Overview of Draft Plan. A draft of the ESSER III Amended Spending Plan has been updated with school-level plans included as well as other changes within the plan. The ESSER III Amended Spending Plan (Draft) is provided for public review, and you may make comments until Friday, June 24, 2022. The most significant changes are listed below:
    • Adds wording to include staff for coordinating school-level activities within the plan developed for schools in Constituent District 20
    • Adds Adult Education activities within Category 1.c - Adult Education and Family Literacy Act
    • Adds details  equipment for Family and Community Engagement Office to Category 3 - Unique Needs of Students
    • Clarifies wording within Category 8 - Educational Technology Section
    • Adjusting funds from Category 10 Summer School and Afterschool Programs to Category 1.c  - Adult Education and Family Literacy Act
    • Edits the narrative in Category 11 to include Day Care programs for teachers
    • Clarifies details of roof repair and HVAC work in Category 13 - Indoor Air Quality