• TPA/JDC Mission

    To ensure every student grows in both academic and social-emotional learning while understanding that the responsibility for this growth is a shared responsibility between both the students and the staff.


    High Expectations for Student Learning

    Student Social and Emotional Well-Being

    College and Career Readiness

    Dedicated and High-Quality Team

    Positive Climate and Safe Environment

    Efficient Operations and Consistent Systems


    CCSD Mission

    The mission of Turning Point Academy/JDC is to provide a unique educational environment. The delivery of services meets the individual learning needs of a diverse population in a nontraditional setting. Alternative education provides students the opportunity to receive high quality one-on-one academic support, and fosters caring, respectful relationships where students and staff are valued and appreciated.


    CCSD Vision

    CCSD is a premier school system in which every child is supported in and out of school, every child succeeds academically, every child graduates from high school prepared for employment in the modern workforce or credential completion or post-secondary degree, and every student, teacher, principal, and staff member is valued and respected with the opportunity to learn every day.