Architecture and construction courses can introduce students to the construction industry and related career fields in construction management, architecture, building construction inspection, and planning and design. Many students move quickly from basic construction training into estimating, and project management with high paying jobs. The course standards answer the question "What does a worker need to know and be able to do to contribute to the delivery of skills to the architecture and construction industry". The following courses of study prepare students for nationally recognized industry credentials, which increase dramatically the chances of high paying careers. Students with industry credentials are always considered first by employers.



    Program Description: The Construction Technology program offers students practical training in the entire range of residential and light commercial building techniques including estimating building costs, carpentry, residential wiring, residential plumbing, blueprint reading, construction, building codes, and safety. Classroom knowledge is enhanced through multiple hands-on projects. Successful completion of the program curriculum will provide students with the opportunity to become eligible for industry-recognized credentials and certifications.

    Building Construction Standards