• Course Descriptions


    Media Technology 1 

    Grades: 9, 10, 11

    Prerequisite:  None

    Media Technology 1 students will explore the general field of communications, focused primarily on media production industries. Students will get hands-on experience in basic production techniques for both audio and video, and will explore technical concepts including exposure, composition, mixing, and basic editing. They will work collaboratively while writing, producing, directing, and editing projects of increasing complexity, using industry-standard software and equipment. Students will also learn about media as a local, national, and global industry and identify trends in the development of media technology and techniques.

    Media Technology 2 

    Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12 

    Prerequisite: Media Technology 1

    Media Technology 2 students will build off the skills learned in Media Technology 1 and explore advanced audiovisual concepts including white balance, post-production color correction, and multi-layered editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Students will also develop experience working in diverse forms and genres of media production, including journalistic, documentary, and fictional narrative videos in group and individual projects. Students will also critically analyze media productions and how they are constructed.

    Media Technology 3 

    Grades: 10, 11, 12 

    Prerequisite: Media Technology 2

    Media Technology 3 will utilize the skills and experiences in Media Technology 1 and 2 and employ them in a practicum environment producing content for West Ashley CAS Student News (ECSN). Students will be engaged in a fast-paced, conception-to-distribution media production setting and learn advanced journalism and storytelling techniques. Students will also learn multitasking skills and workflow optimizations.

     Media Technology 4 

    Grades: 11, 12 

    Prerequisite: Media Technology 3

    Media Technology 4 will build skills in media and organizational leadership. Students will lead Media Technology 3 students in the production of West Ashley CAS Student News and acquire experience managing others. Students will develop and be responsible for quality control and project management skills, as well as continuing or revising the creative direction of the program. Individual responsibilities and skills may vary by leadership position.