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    Naviance Student


    Your school has partnered with Naviance to provide a variety of tools for student achievement through academic planning. These tools are located in Naviance Student, a website for students and families to access online resources, communicate with school staff and collaborate on college and career readiness activities.



    Students can research college scholarships and careers, in one location. They can also create individual plans that can be linked to college aNaviance Student Journey Videond career readiness. Students can communicate easily with teachers and counselors. For college and career readiness, students can request transcripts and recommendations for college applications as well as complete career assessments and perform college and career searches. Students can also create goals and track associated tasks and activities.





    Success Planning 

    Provides the foundational tools that support student success at any level, both in school and beyond. Naviance's Success Planner tool enables each student to have a truly personalized plan of action that provides an effective way for counselors, teachers, and parents to monitor and coach students toward achieving their goals. 

    Scope & Sequence Tasks 

    Tasks are action items that can be assigned to students or staff members. Within Naviance there are built-in tasks that you can use with your students, and you can create custom tasks. 

    Goal Setting 

    Naviance offers a robust set of tools to help students tie college and career planning efforts to specific goals. The tools ensure that every student has meaningful goals for the future, and an action-oriented plan for achieving those goals. 


    Resume Builder provides students with step- by-step guidance for creating an effective resume, which can exported in PDF or Word format and used to apply for internships and jobs. 

    Career Planning 

    The Career Planning and assessment tools in Naviance allow students to realize their strengths, goals, skills, knowledge, values, constraints, and interests to help them make better academic decisions. During this process, students gain a clear understanding of the academic preparation required to pursue careers that are likely to be fulfilling for them. This insight means that students are more likely to successfully accomplish their post secondary goals. 

    Career Search 

    Students can identify specific occupations that match their interests from more than 1,000 career profiles, including career descriptions, academic preparation requirements and videos. 

    Roadtrip Nation

    Interview archive featuring 5,000+ videos of leaders, including Soledad O’Brien, Michael Dell, Craig Newmark (Craigslist) and Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks), discussing hardships,obstacles and successes. 


    College Planning 

    College Research 

    Naviance creates and supports a college-going culture by encouraging all students to explore post-secondary education options. Students and parents are given valuable insight into the college admissions process with the best tools on the market, including SuperMatch® college search, scattergrams, college visit scheduling, application statistics and more. 

    Naviance eDocs 

    Designed to create an efficient college application process, eDocs enables staff to spend more time where it matters—supporting students. Schools can securely send student application related transcripts, forms and recommendations electronically to more than 2,500 colleges and universities. 


    High school counselors can manage the college visit process by easily and quickly setting up visit schedules and college fairs. College admissions personnel can search and sign up for visits and fairs with the click of a button. 

    Naviance Curriculum

    A blended learning experience for students in grades 6-12 that is designed to develop critical, non-cognitive skills and college knowledge and instill confidence so students persevere. This tool enables schools to assess readiness at each grade level with pre- and post-assessments related to college knowledge and non-cognitive skills—and address areas of need. 

    • 105 lessons from grade 6 to 12, aligned along CCLR framework 
    • 15-17 lessons per grade 
    • Central location for students to acquire college knowledge 
    • Students develop critical non-cognitive habit

    Naviance Curriculum Video