• If you are interested in being a JROTC Instructor for Lucy Beckham HS next year, please click the link to read the information on how to apply, thank you!


    CG JROTC Instructor Information

  • Command Team Philosophy

    Leadership- We must take care of our shipmates and the fellow student at Lucy Beckham. We will lead by example and ensure that all Cadets have the skills, resources, and opportunities in order to hone their skills. The program will promote a respectful and hospitable environment.

    Team- Our success depends on our ability to work as a team. The programs contains a wide array of people- from athletes to musicians - all of which have a common goal of being a model Citizen.  Everyone makes a contribution; only collectively are we able to accomplish our mission. We must develop and promote each other in a professional and personal manner. Lastly, we must treat each other like we expect to be treated- we must care for our shipmates. 

    Training- Is the key to safe and effective mission execution. Our ability to minimize risk and to achieve proficiency through consistent and diligent training. We must never stop training ourselves and peers; every day is an opportunity to learn and grow—take advantage of it!



    Michael F Scheuer

    USCG JROTC Instructor at Lucy Beckham High School