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    School of the Arts School Counseling Department

    The SOA Counseling Department was named a RAMP Program 2015-2021. This is a national recognition by the American School Counseling Association. We were the first in CCSD to receive this prestigious national award.

    Vision of SOA School Counseling Department
    All students at Charleston County School of the Arts are academically talented learners who will graduate with the knowledge and artistic skills to succeed in college or a conservatory, and prepared to meet the needs of the 21st Century global workforce. All students participate in a meticulous core curriculum supported by the comprehensive school counseling program that facilitates strategic partnerships between the school, family and community. As successful, life-long inquires and productive citizens, our students achieve their fullest potential, making a positive difference in our school and community. 


    Natasha A. Fields, School Counseling Director

    9th - 12th Grades, A-D (last names)
    (843) 529-4990 ext 1107

    William Grauer, School Counselor 
    9th -12th Grades, E-M (last names)
    843-529-4990 ext 1106


    Stephanie Smalls, School Counselor
    9th - 12th Grades, N-Z (last names)
    843-529-4990 ext 1003


    Naquita Page-Dawson, School Counselor
    6th (ALL) & 7th A-L (last names)
    843-529-4990 ext 1049

    Rachael Stallsmith, School Counselor
    7th M-Z (last names) and 8th ( ALL)  
    (843) 529-4990 ext 1062

    Charleston County School of the Arts Counseling Department Mission Statement

    The mission of Charleston County School of the Arts Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that empowers all students while embracing their individual artistic differences. In partnership with administrators, teachers, parents, and key stakeholders, school counselors provide a continuum of support for academic achievement, career and Social/emotional development; simultaneously, preparing all students to compete in a global economy and make a positive contribution to our community.