• 9th grade: Brodie Mayhew

    Brodie is resilient because she does not just settle for a low grade. She wants to know what she did wrong in order to improve the next time. She is always organized and prepared for class. I can always count on Brodie to be actively engaged in the lesson. I have used several of her assignments as examples for others.

     freshmen student of the month

    10th grade: Andrew Berg

    Andrew is constantly engaged in class and positive in his interaction with peers as well as respectful to adults. He has never had late work and has offered his notes to others in order to help them out. He is an exemplary student!



     sophomore student of the month

    11th grade: Brandom Peters Salas

    Nomination #1: Brandom has really worked hard in History and has shown that he is committed to excelling in History. He works hard and comes to class wanting to learn. This eagerness has made him achieve on quizzes and tests. Nomination #2: Brandom was essentially failing all of his classes and had little motivation to complete work. He has had a BURST of internal motivation and is now passing all of his classes, caught up on work, and working AHEAD of pace! He is visibly proud of himself which is awesome to see. Nomination #3: Student comes to class ready to learn each day. He has shown extreme growth and willingness to do what it takes to achieve. Brandom has become consistent in his US History class and his grades and achievement on assessments are top of the grade level. Nomination #4: Brandom has made significant progress this semester.  He's worked very hard to finish each assignment.  His organizational skills have shown great improvement.  Brandom has sought help when needed and worked independently in Academic Lab to be in a better place academically.   It's a pleasure working with Brandom and watching him put forth such a concerted effort to improve his understanding of concepts and see the consequence of his excellent effort! Nomination #5!!!!!!! Brandom has been working soooo hard these last couple of weeks.  His grades are higher than they have been all year.  He is determined to finish this year strong even though he had a rough beginning.

     junior student of the month


    12th grade: Tina Robinson

    My Educational Psych kids spent 40 hours in classrooms doing field experience this year. Tina finished her 40 hours and CONTINUES to go to the elementary school to help with the kids. She has logged at least 50 hours beyond what was required. She is amazing!