• 9th grade: Jenny Chan

    Jenny is a joy to have in class. She likes discussing material with her peers, is eager to be a group leader, and asks great questions in class. Jenny embodies the ECHS way.

    Freshmen Student of the Month - Jenny


    10th grade: Zoe Sharpe

    Zoe's diligence and work ethic make her an asset to any class. She is extremely organized and is always willing to help any classmate. She is admired and respected by her peers and embodies all qualities of the ROAR matrix.

    Sophomore Student of the Month - Zoe

    10th grade: Anastazia Mendones

    Anastazia has done a fabulous job this semester staying ahead with her MAT assignments and being responsive during our class meetings. She has stayed organized and utilized her class time wisely to complete her work. Anastazia always comes to class on time and follows through with directions. Always respectful. Anastazia is a pleasure to have in class and an excellent role model for her peers. She fits each quality of "ROAR" to a "T" - as in "Tiger"!

     Sophomore student of the month


    11th grade: Jacob Loeber

    Jacob worked extremely hard during the Spring 1 term, earning a B in both of his TTC classes, ENG 101 & SPC 205. He took advantage of the resources both TTC and ECHS have in place for student support; he submitted essays early so that he could receive feedback and revise before submitting the final draft. He also managed his time effectively working through lunch and prioritizing so that he wouldn't have school work to do over the weekend. He is courteous, polite, and he always has a smile on his face (under his mask). He tries to find the silver lining in any situation, and he is always willing to help others.


    Junior student of the month - Jake


    12th grade: Anthony Sanders

    Anthony worked hard to increase his WIN test score. He re-tested and achieved his goal score! Congratulations, Anthony!!

    Senior Student of the month - Anthony!