• 9th grade: Laura Avila Castro 

    Laura is a hard working and focused student. She always has her assignments completed, is prepared for class, and is a team player. Laura has helped many of her peers in math class. She is patient, kind, and supportive. She represents ECHS very well and embodies all the parts of the ROAR matrix.

     Freshmen Student of the Month

    10th grade: A'Nayia Washington

    A'Nayia always completes assignments when due and she engages in class by asking questions, contributing to classroom conversation, and she works well in paired and group activities. She shares information with me during homeroom about music or movies she has enjoyed that deal with Spanish culture as well as with French culture.  She seeks clarification when she needs it and is willing to help classmates when needed.

     Sophmore Student of the Month


    11th grade: Alondra Escudero

    Alondra is an excellent candidate for the SOM as she  puts 100% into every assignment.  Extremely organized, Alondra has a great system in place to stay on top of her ECHS and TTC assignments.  Her wonderful work ethic pays off as she finished with all A's in her TTC classes.  What impresses me most about Alondra is her willingness to help classmates and her leadership skills during study sessions.  She's a great asset to our ECHS community!

     Junior Student of the month


    12th grade: Savannah Rose 

    Savannah worked hard this quarter to successfully complete her MAT math course.   She stayed ahead with her assignments by managing her time wisely and using the resources made available to her.  Savannah sought help when she needed it and was also willing to help others with the material.  Her efforts really paid off. I'm so proud of the academic ownership Savannah took with this material and assignments.

     Senior Student of the Month