• 9th grade: Rashawn Gamble

    Rashawn comes to school everyday with a GREAT attitude. He is friendly, willing to help his peers with questions, and engaged in class. He asks great questions about the content and shows a genuine interest in learning. Rashawn embodies the ROAR of ECHS!

    9th grade

    10th grade: Ja'berie Cobb

    Ja'berie is always willing to put in the extra time and effort outside of the virtual classroom to make sure assignments are completed on time and with 100% effort. He consistently advocates for his own success in the classroom and is resilient to find the solution any problem that is thrown his way.

    Ja'berie is always on time to Zoom, engaged in discussion, and a great student. He submits assignments on time, assists other students when able, and always seems very motivated and independent. He is an absolute pleasure to have in class! :) 


    11th grade: T'yanni Randall 

    T'yanni has worked hard this quarter in her college MAT class. She worked with her professor and got the help she needed to help improve her understanding of the material. As a consequence, T'yanni was able to finish the quarter strong and with a much improved average. 


    12th grade: Aaron Booth

    Aaron volunteered to present a tutorial in class that blended and AVID assignment and a Teacher Cadet assignment. Students were to research what plagiarism is, what the consequences of it are, and how to prevent it, and create an infographic to present findings. Instead, Aaron created a presentation on Google Slides and taught it to our class. He incorporated a Google Form as a hook, utilized zoom features for students to engage in the material, and used an online quiz as a check for understanding/launch. He then had a debrief with Ms. Carle to receive feedback on his lesson. SO COOL!! Also, he helped brainstorm and pilot an innovative take on book clubs that we're hoping to start next semester. Yay Aaron!

    Aaron has demonstrated the important skills of self-advocacy and resilience. He is actively taking steps to identify his future goals and his path toward college. Which, for many seniors is harder said than done.