• CCSD Charter Schools

  • What are charter schools?

    According to the South Carolina Department of Education and the South Carolina Charter Schools Act of 1996, a charter school is defined as a public, nonreligious, non home-based, nonprofit corporation forming a school that operates by sponsorship of a public school district, the South Carolina Public Charter School District, or a public or independent institution of higher learning, but is accountable to the board of trustees, or in the case of technical colleges, the area commission, of the sponsor which grants its charter. All students residing in Charleston County are eligible to apply to a charter school. All students residing in Charleston County are eligible to apply. The following charter schools participate in the CCSD application process: Allegro Charter School of Music, Carolina Voyager Charter, Greg Mathis Charter High School, Orange Grove Charter, East Cooper Montessori Charter, and James Island Charter High School. 

    How do I apply for a charter school that is not currently using the CCSD online application?

    Please visit the website of the charter school in which you are interested to learn more about their individual application processes.

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