• Families, as you already know, ECHS is operating a unique calendar that is different from the rest of CCSD. As part of that work, we along with district officials, have spent the better part of the fall developing an attendance recording system that would "talk" to PowerSchool.


    The good news is that the two systems have begun talking this week. In some cases, you may have received a flood of notifications all at once. In the event that you found those notifications confusing, we have a quick explanation below.


    Each of our calendar days are all equivalent to a day on the CCSD calendar. You can find a list of dates 2020-21 on this crosswalk document. For example, our first day of school was August 18, 2020, but the district's first day of school was September 8, 2020, so the attendance that we recorded on August 18 will be reflected in PowerSchool on September 8. Friday, November 13, 2020, is our 59th day of school and will be recorded in PowerSchool as December 4, 2020.


    We know this can get tricky, so please reach out to anyone of us if you have questions.