• In October, we focused on the "O" in our ROAR Matrix: Organization. Students were nominated for this and other ROAR characteristics.

    Please join us in congratulating our October Students of the Month! Keep an eye out for them to be highlighted in several ways on social media and around campus!


    9th Grade

    Daniel (Keaton) Simerly:  Keaton is always a team player! He comes to class ready to ask questions, engage, and learn. He always stays positive!


    10th Grade

    Dorian Townsend: Dorian's organizational skills and motivation to excel are consistently evident. He sets an alarm for 5 minutes before each class to make sure he is on time! Dorian is helpful to classmates and a wonderful contributor to discussions!


    11th Grade

    Rose Mutter: Rose has been managing time so well this semester! She has shown great growth and resilience in managing academic responsibilities with outside responsibilities. She has been conscientious of setting goals and keeping organized to meet them!


    12th Grade

    Eric Center & Nyla Lewis:

    Received all A's in Fall 1 college courses! They are always taking initiative with their college courses and can always be counted on to help peers who are struggling!

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    The following students were also nominated by teachers for various attributes and we are so proud of them for walking the ECHS Way! 

    Verchalie Bennett

    Jaylin Brown

    Brooklynn Elder

    Kiara Fyall

    Tamia Robinson

    Andrew Berg

    Barne Middleton

    Sy'mone Miles

    Cameron James Gathers

    Mis'ala Ackerman

    Aliyah Chavis

    Jayda Green

    Katrina James

    Abagail Manuel

    Ellen Monteith

    Mari Torres-Renteria

    Abi Garcia

    Adrian Lockwood