• October is National Bully Prevention Month and bully prevention starts with school-wide implementation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at SPMS.  
    What is SEL? SEL is the process of developing self awareness, self control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success and that directly aligns with the CCSD mission, " to support every child in becoming career, college and citizenship ready." 
    Second Step (the SEL program at SPMS) is an evidence based, data driven curriculum for all students. Originally SEL was skill-set focused; today the research backs up school transformation-- increasing academic engagement while decreasing problem behavior, and emotional distress. SEL is not a distraction from the work of numeracy and literacy; it supports instruction and engagement. Take a couple of minutes to watch a Second Step video about social/emotional wellness and bully prevention. 

    Want to know more about how SEL looks outside of school? 
    Parent Teen Connect https://www.parenteenconnect.org/ is a free online experience loaded with videos, resources, and useful advice to help teens and adults navigate hot-button topics such as screen time, independence, communication, and responsibility.  This site compliments the Second Step middle school curriculum.