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    The South Carolina Department of Education, the South Carolina State Library, and Tutor.com have partnered to provide families additional, high-quality academic assistance at no cost. Tutor.com is available for families 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students will have access to highly qualified tutors in over 200 subject areas.

    Participants will access Tutor.com through Discus – South Carolina’s Virtual Library at www.scdiscus.org and may engage in the number of sessions needed to meet their academic goal for improvement.


    How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

    The College Funding Coach
    Wednesday, October 5th, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM 


    Equipped with more than two decades of financial planning experience and 11 years of coaching experience, Tom Henske is on a mission to help parents encourage their kids to develop financial literacy.


    Tom wants to get rid of the prevailing narrative that money is a taboo topic in the household. Currently, 70% of parents are reluctant to talk to their kids about money. Sure, it’s uncomfortable, but we talk to our kids about tons of other uncomfortable topics to prepare them for adulthood. Why not help them develop a healthy relationship before it’s too late?


    Tom has developed a casual and fun program to inspire both parents and kids to learn and develop better money habits. In this webinar, Tom will explain why and how you can help your kids avoid unnecessary challenges and stress in the future.
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    Summer Resources  - Flyer
    Lowcountry Food Bank- Food Pantries locator and Fresh for All/Fresh Xpress locator https://www.lowcountryfoodbank.org/findhelp/
    Lowcountry Blessing Box - https://chsblessingbox.wixsite.com/home
    SC Thrive – SNAP and Medicaid applications over the phone, rent assistance – https://scthrive.org/
    SNAP/TANF – Am I Eligible? Online applications – https://scmapp.sc.gov/
    SC Housing Authority – Rent & mortgage assistance- https://www.schousing.com/
    Charleston Housing Authority- Wait list opening in June- application https://www.chacity.org/
    Goodwill Career Opportunity Centers- https://palmettogoodwill.org/coc/
    Camp Hands of Hope - A weekend long bereavement camp for youth ages 5-18 and their caregivers -  www.camphandsofhope.org.  November 2021 FLYER
    LONON - The LONON Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit that provides support to children ages 5-17, who are dealing with the stress and trauma of having a parent or caregiver with cancer. https://www.thelononfoundation.org/