• Summer Reading List 2020

    DUE 1st day of school to your AVID teacher

    Step 1: Students should read at least two Lexile-level appropriate books this summer.  For one of the two books, students should make notes for each chapter which include all of the following elements:

    • List and define unfamiliar words

    • Explain literary elements https://literarydevices.net/ , http://literary-devices.com

    • Determine the main or most important ideas

    • Describe connections to the text (text to text, text to self, text to world)

    • Form inferences (I wonder why...I wonder how…)

    • Make predictions

    • Write personal reactions

    • Identify lingering questions/thoughts

    • Assignment must be neat in appearance (written or typed)

    Step 2: At the end of each chapter, students should use this checklist to annotate notes (above).

    This assignment must be your original work and written in your own words.  Students will be graded on the quality and depth of their annotations for one of the two books read.

    The assignment rubric can be found at this link.


    Students may select any Lexile-appropriate books. If you are having trouble thinking of the right books for you, you can select one from our suggested list:

    Rising 9th Grade Students

    Rising 10th Grade Students

    Rising 11th Grade Students

    Rising 12th Grade Students