• JBE Uniform Policy


    • Students must wear a navy or light blue JBE T-shirt, JBE collared shirt or JBE dress
    • Any shirt worn under a uniform shirt must be solid white, light blue, or navy
    • Any JBE shirt (“vintage”, event shirts, etc.) may be worn on Friday


    • All bottoms must be free of large logos, lettering, and graphics
    • Any branding logos must be smaller than a 1-inch square
    • Students may wear solids, stripes, plaid, polka dots, or other prints
    • Bottoms must be at least fingertip length
    • Bottoms must not be oversized, torn, ragged

    Cold-Weather Gear

    • If it is cool inside the building, students may wear a JBE sweatshirt, JBE fleece, or a solid white or navy sweater, sweatshirt or fleece
    • Jackets and coats are to be worn outside the building only and do not have to be uniform

    Field Trip Uniforms- JBE Students should present themselves as Global Leaders in the community and teachers may request specific attire for field trips.

    Dress Code

    • Hats and hoods may not be worn in the building
    • Oversized shirts, jackets, and coats are not permitted
    • Spaghetti straps are not permitted
    • Oversized pants, jeans, sweat pants, or shorts are not permitted
    • Shorts and skirts must reach the end of the student’s longest finger while hands are at his/her sides
    • Sneakers must be tied or secured with Velcro
    • All shoes must be secured with a back strap: Flip Flops are not permitted
    • Wearing any attire, including jewelry, which may cause a disruption in learning or which may become a safety threat is not appropriate
    • All clothing must be appropriate for school as deemed by the school administration

    Several “No Uniform” days and "theme" days (e.g. Pink Out for Breast Cancer Awareness)  will be announced throughout the year. 

    Thank you for supporting the uniform policy!

    Visit JBE Uniforms to order uniforms!