• Green Steps

    Edith L. Frierson Elementary

    Green Steps Initiatives

    Edith L. Frierson Elementary is pleased to have taken part in the South Carolina Green Steps Program. The Green Steps Program is an "environmental education initiative," that "encourages individual schools to take annual steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible" by "establishing sustainability projects where students learn, do, and teach others" about environmental conservation, protection, and restoration (Green Steps, 2020).

    This school year, working under the mentorship of Dr. Linda Geronilla, students, parents, and staff learned about, took part in activities related to, and taught others about:

    • How to conserve resources by a) growing and creating our own Luffa sponges and b) reducing our waste through food-shared fridges;
    • How to restore the environment by a) renewing the balance of our garden beds' soil through foodstuff, wood chips, and cardboard composting and b) introducing Red Wigglers from our Vermi-Bin Compost to the soil in our school's garden beds; and
    • How to protect the environment by a) leading a "clean air patrol" initiative to cut down on car-idling, and b) learning about the importance of pupa to the food chain and creating a pupa conservation site. 


    For more information on the Green Steps School organization, please visit their website. To sign up as an ELF Green Steps volunteer, please email Linda Geronilla, lindageronilla@gmail.com.