• The Pulse of CCSD

  • What is the Pulse of CCSD

    CCSD employees, directly and indirectly, influence our scholars every day with little to no intention of being recognized. In an effort to honor even the most humble, the district is rolling out a recognition campaign to highlight these individuals that serve as the backbone or structure that supports the mission of CCSD.

    The communications office will partner with administrators throughout the district to spotlight employees who deserve to be honored.

    Who is eligible to be recognized as the Pulse of CCSD

    Any employee or contractor that embodies the vision/mission of Charleston County School District by consistently demonstrating extraordinary and selfless acts of leadership, empathy, and kindness to advance the educational opportunities for all students. This recognition would be awarded to the individual who not only exemplifies their school community but their colleagues and the district as a whole.



  • The Official "Pulse of CCSD" t-shirt
    The Official "Pulse of CCSD" t-shirt